Sambutan Dr. Ir. Hj. Delima Hasri Azahari, MS. Ketua Yayasan Solidaridad Network Indonesia. Pada Acara CSB Meeting 2 Agustus 2023

Sekretariat GPPI

Speech for CSB Meeting
Darjeeling , 2 August 2023
(Time slot: between 09.30-09.40, ± 7 minutes)


Mrs. Shahamin Zaman, chair of CSB
Dr. Mehta, Member of CSB
Mr. Sato, Member of CSB
Mr. Subbu , Member of CSB
Dr. Shatadru. Managing Director of SNAL

Excellencies, Distinguished Participants, Ladies and Gentlemen,

A very good morning to all of you.
I hope you are all in good health.

It is an honor for me to be here and meet you all on the occasion of the 25 th Continental of Solidaridad Board in the beautiful city of Darjeeling, India. Allow me to take this opportunity to convey my appreciation to the Chair of CSB for inviting me to deliver a Remark in this Meeting.

The Solidaridad has officially become my Dialogue Partner since I was appointed as a Assisstant Deputy for Agriculture and Food Security in the Coordinating Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry in the year of 2008, adopted Cooperation, which set up commitments to strengthen social -economic cooperation in several areas, including strengthening of the supply chain, digital innovation, financial services, smallholders MSME development, and sustainable growth.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are currently facing numerous unprecedented challenges. Amidst our effort to recover from the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are faced with geopolitical conflicts that have created global energy and food crises. We are also still facing supply chain disruptions in many regions, which resulted in high trading costs. Now, the challenge of inflation and economic slowdown in 2023 is in front of us. Along with the potential recession this year in some countries, the IMF and WTO have lowered the trade of goods growth projection to 1 percent, down significantly from the previous prediction of 3.4 percent. This year will indeed be a challenging year for all of us.

But we should not forget the important lesson that the COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us, which is the importance of strengthening international cooperation. Global problems that we are facing today could not be resolved at the domestic level. Coordination and cooperation, both at the regional and global level, have become a prerequisite in solving the challenges. In this regard, the theme of today’s forum, which is “Partnership in Action”, is very relevant to today’s situation.

At the same time, the challenges we are facing today should also be taken as an opportunity for us to be better and stronger in facing different challenges ahead. Solidaridad is ready to synergize with its partners, with an inclusive approach that will involve all relevant stakeholders including the business sectors.

Excellencies, Distinguished Participants, Ladies and Gentlemen,

1. COVID-19 caused a serious, negative impact on the most vulnerable in our communities, including women, smallholders and small businesses, and indigenous people.

2. I share the same perspective with CSB that to safeguard the future, we must regain the ground that has been lost… We must unlock the full potential of these disadvantaged groups.

3. However, at the same time, we face the increasing danger of climate change… and the need to embrace the transition to a low-carbon economy.

4. I would like to underline the question of what tools should we be using to address these inclusion and sustainability challenges?

5. And most important… how we can transform these challenges into opportunities.

6. We agreed that to recover better and stronger, we must focus on those who are most vulnerable in our society.

7. That’s why we remain committed to our social programs to support the most vulnerable smallholders, micro, small, medium enterprises or MSMEs, as they form the backbone of our economy.

8. COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of oursmallholder and MSMEs. And Indonesia has continued to champion innovations that address the needs of the most vulnerable.

9. With digital economy, we empower our smallholders and MSMEs by improving economic participation and inclusive access of financial and technology for all.

10. During the pandemic, 8.4 million Indonesian MSMEs have entered the digital ecosystem… where 54% of the MSMEs are owned by women.

11. And we will continue to empower and encourage women in MSMEs to make sure they will stay ahead of the competition in this digital era.

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen
12. There are two main tasks ahead to safeguard our collective future.

13. And I emphasize collective, because our future involves everyone in this room.

14. I want to remind everyone that a shared burden, is also a shared success. Indonesia’s achievement in meeting our Paris goals, will also be an achievement for the world.

15. First, our transition to a low carbon economy needs to be just, and it needs to be collaborative.

16. Global partnership is crucial. Tackling climate change is a team sport. We need to get to the finish line together.

17. Collectively, we need investments to accelerate our transition, while maintaining equal opportunity for all.

18. We cannot ignore the need for prosperity for all our people, to continue to reduce social and economic gaps, and fulfil the SDGs.

19. The second task is to continue to protect and restore our blue and green assets – which are critical to our planet.

20. The issue of indigenous people cannot be separate from our approach to climate change.

21. Indigenous communities always have local wisdom to deal with nature and the environment… In Indonesia, we have the opportunity to work together with our indigenous communities.

22. We have the opportunity to both restore our forests and create new carbon sinks for the world through our “hutan adat” or “customary forest”.

23. We, who are claimed as modern and civilized, actually should take a lesson learnt from the wise practices of indigenous peoples… on protecting our planet.

24. Therefore, I will make sure that our carbon pricing and carbon market policy… will be an accountable, transparent and inclusive process.

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen
25. Indigenous peoples must be part of both the development of Indonesia and solution to climate change… Our development policy is designed to also prosper in isolated, outermost, lagging, and border areas of Indonesia…. This is how we empower the traditional communities towards equitable prosperity.

26. Likewise, I would like to welcome the opportunity, to collaborate with all of you, to protect and restore our blue and green assets that will secure our future together.

27. By working together, we can take the lead in creating a more just economy and a more sustainable future…. and more prosperous Asia community.

I thank you.

Delima Hasri Azahari
Chair of Yayasan Solidaridad Network Indonesia